California State Parks Holds Joint Commission Meeting for the First Time Since 1982

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- After more than three decades, the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) last week held a joint commission meeting with its four commissions in Sacramento that included a tour of state parks in the area. Commission members from Boating and Waterways, Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation, State Historical Resources and State Park and Recreation met on September 27 and 28, provided their expertise and feedback, and listened to staff and public input on the department’s various programs, projects and future. 

California’s 280 state parks and the recreational programs supported by the DPR are a gateway to the well-being of environments, economies and all people. They offer the opportunity for families, friends and communities to connect through various recreational opportunities such as off-highway motor vehicle recreation, boating activities, horseback riding, on and off-road cycling, hiking, camping, rock climbing, tours, school group enrichment, and special events.

As a leader in outdoor recreation and the preservation of natural and cultural resources, the DPR values input from the community. The department uses commissions and the public’s input to help best fit the needs of visitors, some who come from around the world, to experience all of what California’s state parks have to offer. Meetings also provide the commissioners and DPR the opportunity to share updates on programs and projects.

Each commission meets four times a year and welcomes public attendance and participation. The first day of meetings includes a tour of state parks and/or projects that DPR manages or of projects that received grants from the department. Meetings are streamed live and archived at

Commissions have specific authorities and responsibilities defined in California law. Some of these responsibilities include

     Boating and Waterways Commission

     Advises and provides comment on all of the Division of Boating and Waterways’ matters within its jurisdiction, and on boating facilities loans and grants

     proposed by the division.

     Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission

     Approves general plans, receives public comments about the program, and reviews plans for new and expanded recreation areas applying for grant funds.

     State Historical Resources Commission

     Identifies, registers and preserves California's cultural heritage.

     Parks and Recreation Commission

     Approves general plans for units of California’s state park system. Plans serve as guides for the future development, management and operation of park units.       The commission also establishes general policies for the guidance of the director of the DPR in the administration, protection and development of the system.

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California State Parks provides for the health, inspiration and education of the people of California by helping to preserve the state’s extraordinary biological diversity, protecting its most valued natural and cultural resources, and creating opportunities for high quality outdoor recreation.