For Immediate Release: 6/1/2017

Grant Awarded to Document California’s Asian American and Pacific Islander History

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) is honored to be the recipient of an Underrepresented Community Grant from the National Park Service. Funded by the Historic Preservation Fund, Underrepresented Community Grants support efforts to identify and designate historic properties associated with communities currently underrepresented in the National Register of Historic Places. The grant awarded to the OHP will aid in the development of a historic context statement identifying significant resources associated with the history, people, and contributions of California’s Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities.

The AAPI context is the next step in the Office of Historic Preservation’s ongoing effort to ensure that the broad spectrum of California’s diverse heritage is represented in the places preserved and the stories told throughout the state. The effort began in 1988 with the OHP publication Five Views, a report that brought to public attention the need to tell a more inclusive story of California. The 2013-2017 Statewide Historic Preservation Plan further emphasized the OHP’s responsibility to identify and register properties associated with California’s diverse history.

Development of the Asian American and Pacific Islander context fulfills the objectives laid out in Five Views and the State Plan, and builds on the success of an earlier Underrepresented Community Grant project of the OHP, the Latinos in Twentieth Century California Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF) context, produced in 2015. The Latinos context provided a framework for nominating Latino-associated properties to the National Register of Historic Places. To date, fifteen properties have received National Register designation in association with the context.

The Asian American and Pacific Islander context, like the Latinos context before it, will further help to enrich the historical and cultural narrative of California. It also will result in the creation of an MPDF, which will make it easier in the future to nominate properties associated with Asian American and Pacific Islander history to the National Register of Historic Places.

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