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For Immediate Release: 5/27/2015

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California State Parks Announces Grant Awards for Local Recreation Projects


Name: Dennis Weber

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. –California State Parks Director Lisa Ann L. Mangat announced recommendations to the National Park Service for $6,142,673 in funding for ten local park projects under the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) program.  Grant funding is made available if the National Park Service approves the recommended projects. 

The LWCF program provides funding to cities, counties, eligible districts, and State Agencies for acquisition and development projects to create outdoor recreational resources.  Under provisions of State law (Public Resource Code §5099.12), the program is administered by the Director of the California Department of Parks and Recreation. 

Below is the list of recommended grant projects:

Runyon Canyon Acquisition

City of Los Angeles, Recreation & Parks                              $1,500,000

Acquire approximately 3.81 acres to expand Runyon Canyon Park in the City of Los Angeles.

Imperial Regional Park and Equestrian Center

City of Imperial                                                                           $750,000

Create the new Imperial Regional Park and Equestrian Center in the City of Imperial.     Construct new multi-use trails, picnic areas, multi-use fields and equestrian activity corral.

Apple Valley Legacy Trail

Town of Apple Valley                                                                $160,000

Acquire approximately 21 acres to create the new Apple Valley Legacy Trail Park in the
City of Apple Valley.

Pacific Electric Right-of-Way Greenbelt

City of Long Beach, Parks, Rec & Marine                             $450,000

Create the new Pacific Electric Right-of-Way Greenbelt Park in the City of Long Beach.  Construct bicycle/pedestrian tail, trailheads, picnic area and landscaping.

Jean Sweeney Open Space Park

City of Alameda                                                                          $2,000,000

Create the new Jean Sweeney Open Space Park by constructing Phase I to include a new playground, one-mile multi-use trail, single-use natural pathways, open play area, picnic areas, plaza areas, landscaping, lighting, restrooms, parking lot, and support facilities, in the
City of Alameda.

Desert View Recreational Trails

County of San Bernardino, Special District                          $200,000

Create the new Desert View Conservation Area Park.  Construct two new multi-use trail loop systems, interpretive & informational kiosks, interpretive shelter, and pre-fabricated restroom building in the unincorporated area of Joshua Tree.

Westside Park Solar Lighting and Outdoor Fitness

City of Wasco                                                                             $205,773

Construct new fitness stations and install solar lighting at Westside Park in the City of Wasco.

JFK Park Upgrade/Renovation

City of Sanger                                                                            $71,900

Construct new covered picnic area with ADA picnic tables, add lighting, water efficient irrigation and splash pad efficiency upgrade in JFK Park in the City of Sanger.

Walnut Creek Nature Park Improvements

City of Baldwin Park                                                                  $480,000

Renovate an observation structure, restrooms, trail, bridge, and parking lot, and add a bioswale, picnic tables, landscaping, interpretive signage, and lighting at Walnut Creek
Nature Park in the City of Baldwin Park.

Salt Lake Park Splash Pad

City of Huntington Park                                                            $325,000

Construct a new splash pad (water to be used for park’s irrigation) at Salt Lake Park in the
City of Huntington Park.

For more information on the Land and Water Conservation Fund program and other grant programs administered by the Office of Grants and Local Services, visit  You can also visit the Office of Grants and Local Services on Facebook at


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