Castle Rock Area In Mount Diablo State Park to Close for Falcon Nesting Season


Ryen Goering,




Walnut Creek, Calif.--The area known as “Castle Rock” in Mount Diablo State Park will be closed off to visitors from February 1st to July 31st to help protect the Peregrine Falcon during their nesting season. This is an annual closure, as the Peregrine Falcon is listed as a “Fully Protected Species” in California. This raptor is territorial and highly sensitive to disturbance during nesting season.

California State Parks has partnered with East Bay Regional Park District, the operator of the Diablo Foothills Regional Park, which neighbors the closed area, to educate rock climbers and the general public of this closure and the importance of protecting the Falcon. Signs and educational panels will be placed in the area to advise and educate users about the closure.

Violators are subject to penalty by fine. Rock climbers will be encouraged to utilize an alternate climbing area of the park during the closure.  

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