For Immediate Release: 9/16/2014

Fires Banned at Monterey Area State Beaches Due to Increased Fire Danger, Drought



Mat Fuzie, Monterey District Superintendent



Vicky Waters, Dep. Director, Public Affairs



MONTEREY, Calif. – Effective immediately, California State Parks is banning beach fires on state beaches within the Monterey District to minimize any fire dangers.

“This has been an extremely dry couple of years. With fire danger very high and very little rain in sight, we feel the public safety threat, along with the continued degradation of our beaches due to charcoal and soot deposits, requires us to rescind our order allowing beach fires.” said Mat Fuzie, Monterey District’s Superintendent. “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but we are taking these steps to ensure public safety and to protect California’s natural resources”.

The state beaches affected by this order include Carmel River, Monastery and Monterey. State Park officials will begin issuing warnings immediately to first-time offenders. All illegal fires will immediately be put out and repeat offenders will be issued citations. For the purposes of cooking, a raised and self-contained gas camp stove may be used.

Other measures recently taken to reduce the risk of wildfires include the US Forest Service and California State Parks banning any wood or charcoal burning fires in the Los Padres Forest or Big Sur in late August.

California State Parks officials are rescinding a Superintendent’s Posted Order that allows beach fires without restrictions at the three state beaches mentioned above, and will begin enforcing California Code of Regulations T14 4311(a) which states, “No person shall light, build, use or maintain a fire within any State Park Unit except in a camp stove or a fireplace provided, maintained, or designated by the Department for such purpose”.

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