Park and Recreation Specialist

This is the training and first journey level class in the series. Park and Recreation Specialists perform program development, evaluation, analytical and administrative work to identify and prove methods for meeting the outdoor recreational needs of the citizens of California. Incumbents in this series are, typically, subject matter generalists with analytical ability, good verbal and written communication skills, and an awareness of current social and environmental problems and principals. Incumbents generally have a background in environmental or urban planning, public administration, natural resources, recreation, or an outdoor resource-related field.

Minimum Qualifications
Graduation from college with any major, but preferably in environmental or urban planning, public administration, recreation, park management, or a natural resource-related field. Knowledge of general principles and techniques of research and statistical analysis; general concepts and principles of ecology, land use, conservation, and planning, particularly as they relate to outdoor recreation and recreational and historical resources.

Landscape Architect

Incumbents plan, design and develop architectural landscape projects in state parks. Landscape Architect is the entry level for the series.

Minimum Qualifications
Equivalent to graduation from college in a curriculum in Landscape Architecture. (Possession of a certification of registration as a Landscape Architect issued by the California Board of Landscape Architects may be substituted for the required education.)

Environmental Scientist

This is the entry-level classification for the environmental scientist series. Incumbents in these classes perform a broad range of tasks involved in the management of the natural resources of the State Park System, including environmental studies, ecological investigations and analysis of the impacts from planned development.

Minimum Qualifications
Graduation from college with a major in biological, chemical, physical, or environmental science, natural resource management, forestry, biology, botany, wildlife management, or other closely related fields.

State Park Interpreter I

The State Park Interpreter-I helps plan, research and develop the Department’s interpretive projects and may train others to do interpretive work.

Minimum Qualifications
Graduation from college with major in interpretation, social sciences, natural sciences, communications or a closely related field, plus one year of related experience in research and development of historical or natural resource interpretive programs.

Engineering Associate - Civil Engineering Associate

The Engineering Section, which is part of a multi-disciplinary division, provides technical support services to State Park units throughout California. The Engineering Section, which is comprised mostly of engineers, develops relationships with the Architectural Section and Landscape Architect Section within the division, as well as the Department’s Resource Management Division and Park Services Division to provide high quality assistance to our park operations staff. These technical services allow our parks to remain open and provide for the essential services as needed by the public for their recreational enjoyment.