State Park Peace Officer and Cadet

SPPO Cadets are trained and then designated as sworn State park peace officers whose authority extends statewide (on or off duty).  Cadets learn the duties of the SPPO by participating in basic law enforcement, public contact and visitor services, interpretation, and resource management training programs comprised of both the POST certified Basic Law Enforcement Certificate and the Department's Basic Visitor Services Training Program

Minimum Qualifications: At least 18 year old; possession of a valid California driver license; successful completion of two years (60 semester units) of study from a State accredited college; U.S. citizen or a permanent resident alien eligible for and has applied for U.S. citizenship; physical strength, endurance, and agility; mentally alert; physically sound; corrected visual acuity of 20/20 or better in each eye; normal color vision; hearing sufficient to perform the essential functions of the job; demonstrate sufficient swimming ability for self-preservation and to direct aquatic and lifesaving operations; and no felony convictions. 

State Park Peace Officers perform professional and technical duties in State park units involving safety and law enforcement operation, patrol, interpretation, resource protection and management.  Typical duties include: issue citations; write reports; make physical arrests for misdemeanors, felonies, and warrants; conduct criminal and administrative investigations; take command in emergencies; perform search and rescue activities, including detecting and rescuing persons or vessels in distress; assist in wildland and structural fire suppression; provide emergency medical aid; and may also perform traffic control and radio dispatching.

Patrol duties are primarily by vehicle, boat, and foot patrol and SPPO are required to use protective equipment which includes various types of firearms, batons, chemical agents, and handcuffs, and are regularly trained and tested in physical defensive tactics and firearms use.

Park Maintenance Assistant and Park Maintenance Worker I

Park Maintenance Assistant and Park Maintenance Worker I incumbents care for facilities in state park units. Park Maintenance Assistants do routine cleanup and unskilled maintenance tasks, including cleaning rest rooms and campsites, picking up and hauling garbage, and caring for trees, lawns and vegetation. Park Maintenance Worker I incumbents perform more complex repair and construction assignments, which typically involve carpentry, painting, and electrical maintenance and repairs.

Minimum Qualifications: A valid California Driver’s License is required for both classes. The Park Maintenance Worker I must also have two years of experience in the California state service performing the duties of a Park Maintenance Assistant, or two years of experience in construction, building repair or mechanical trades; knowledge of methods, materials and equipment used in all types of construction; the ability to communicate and follow directions in English and read and write at a level required for successful job performance.

Communications Operator Resources Agency

Incumbents perform a variety of public safety duties requiring operation of telecommunications equipment and are responsible for radio communications in centralized dispatch centers. Employees in this class operate multi-frequency/channel radio telephone systems, law enforcement telecommunications terminals, computer terminals and associated equipment to dispatch mobile law enforcement and emergency response units to specified locations.

Minimum Qualifications: Equivalent to completion of the 12th grade and either six months experience in California state service performing the duties of a Dispatcher Clerk; or, one year of experience in dispatching work involving the operation of radio communications equipment/systems; or two years of experience involving a substantial amount of direct and telephone contact with the public and responsibility for performing numerous tasks simultaneously, including emergency situations. Communications Operators must pass a background investigation. Employees in these positions are required to have a medical examination to verify the absence of any medical condition which would preclude safe and efficient performance of dispatching duties.


Groundskeepers are responsible for the care of the many native and ornamental plants found in state parks. Groundskeepers trim trees, hedges, and shrubs as well as perform grounds preparation and maintenance work.

Minimum Qualifications: One year of experience in flower gardening and general grounds maintenance work, or completion of a two-year junior college or college level curriculum in ornamental horticulture or landscape work.