The Summer Learning Program engages K-12 students from afterschool programs and community organizations which offer programming specifically for disadvantaged student populations during the summer months. The Summer Learning Program provides an opportunity to reduce the gap in learning and physical activities that occurs during the summer. The goals of the Summer Learning Program are to provide opportunities for experiential learning, connection to the outdoors, physical activity, and integrated language arts. The Tule Elk State Natural Reserve presents a perfect opportunity to get your students outdoors and learning! We would love to host you and your students for a guided tour or a hands-on program exploring the biology and habitat of the tule elk. 

The stimulating interpretive programs and activities that are presented in the Summer Learning Program help the students advance academically and physically. These programs introduce them to the excitement of being in natural environments and cultural settings. Students also come away with insights and appreciation for their important role as stewards of the environment. For many of the students, these programs provide them with their first experience outside of an urban setting.

Programs are available Wednesday through Friday. For more information or to schedule a Summer Learning Program, please email us or phone (661) 764-6881.