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Virtual PORTS Programs and In-Person Field Trips Available

To book a virtual PORTS program or in-person field trip, and to learn more about about programs visit the California State Parks PORTS Program website. Appointments are available on a first come, first served basis and slots will fill up quickly. Sign up today!

Virtual PORTS Programs
Bring the Parks to your classroom! These interactive virtual programs allow students to learn about California's cultural and natural resources from the comfort of their classroom. Programs are usually 45 minutes long with some time at the end for questions.

Sign up for "Eel River Escapade" at Richardson Grove State Park! In this PORTS Program, students will learn about watersheds, salmon, and human impacts to both.

Guided In-Person Field Trips
Take your class on a field trip to the park! State Park Interpreters will be present to welcome and help students learn about Parks. Field trip activities can vary depending on the needs of your class. Guided field trips are 3 hours long, and only available on Fridays.

Interpreters can lead activities such as:
- Educational walks
- Nature crafts
- Engaging games
... And other activities that will connect them to the park!

Sign up for a Guided In-Person Field Trip at Richardson Grove State Park!

Self-Guided In-Person Field Trip
Not available on Fridays but still want to bring your class to the park? Then you may be interested in a self-guided in-person field trip! These field trips are facilitated independently by K-12 educators, chaperones, and/or youth program leaders without the support of California State Park staff. Self-guided field trips can be up to 3 hours, and only available Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Sign up for a Self-Guided In-Person Field Trip at Richardson Grove State Park!

Interested in having transportation reimbursed?
There are a couple ways to have your in-person field trip transportation fully or partially reimbursed. Participate in PassPORTS, which combines virtual and in-person programming, or inquire using the Humboldt County Office of Education webpage.

For information about school programs, please email