Legal Office

The Legal Office of the Department of Parks and Recreation is predominantly working remotely.



Updated: February 8, 2024 

Acceptance of Service of All Lawsuits, Subpoenas, and Other Court Documents by the Department of Parks and Recreation 

In lieu of personal service of process of all lawsuits, the Legal Office will accept service via a Notice and Acknowledgement of Receipt (Code of Civil Procedure § 415.30). To effectuate service, the notice and the papers being served must be emailed to

Subpoenas and other court documents may be emailed to or mailed to our office as outlined below.

Original documents and payments for records must be mailed as follows:

For United States Postal Services (USPS) mail please send to: 

California State Parks
Attn: Legal Office
PO Box 942896, Sacramento, CA 94296-0001 

For overnight services (UPS, FedEx, Golden State Overnight, etc.) please send to:

California State Parks
Attn: Legal Office
4940 Lang Avenue, Dock H, McClellan, CA 95652 

Please direct building visitors to call the Legal Office at (916) 653-9905 for additional information.