LWCF outdoor recreation parks must remain accessible and protected for public outdoor recreation within the LWCF Boundary Area Map (boundary area) – formally the LWCF 6f3 Boundary Map of Record.  The land within this boundary is considered to be under federal protection.  LWCF Act at 54 U.S.C. §200301 et seq. 

To verify that LWCF parks remain open, accessible, and maintained, OGALS conducts periodic compliance inspections.  The location of the park’s LWCF acknowledgement sign is recorded.  If any operation and maintenance concerns are discovered, OGALS contacts the grantee.

Keep in mind, changes to the or within the boundary area may require converted property be replaced with non-park property of equal or greater recreational utility and value.

A conversion is the changing of the use of public park land to non-recreational purposes.  Changes may need to be reviewed and approved by the National Park Services.

Contact your Grant Administration Project Officer if any of the following has occurred, or is being considered, for a park acquired or developed with LWCF funds.  While some of these changes may not be considered a "conversion", National Park Service does require a process to review and document these types of proposed changes:

  • Change to the NPS boundary area.  Most commonly, this takes the form of nearby roadway expansion that encroaches on to park property, but also includes construction of new buildings within the park, and any other changes that impact the amount of land available for outdoor public recreation use.
  • Change the use of any portion of the park to private, commercial, or non-public outdoor recreation use
  • Construct utilities (above and underground), rights of way and easements
  • Construct or install any kind of indoor facility, other than restrooms, within the park, including structures such as community centers, schools and pre-schools, gymnasiums, housing, police substations, and libraries
  • Close (permanently or temporarily) any portion of the park
  • Remove or replace a facility, obsolete or otherwise, developed with LWCF funds,  from the park

 Changes that do not need to be reported to OGALS: 

  • Removal, renovation or replacement of any pre-existing outdoor recreation facility NOT developed with LWCF funds
  • Renovate any facility developed with LWCF funds
  • Changes to landscaping, lighting, walkways
  • Expand parking lots that serve the park
  • Expand interior roads that serve the park
  • Other outdoor recreation infrastructure improvements such as developing new outdoor recreation features