Mountain Parks Foundation

Mountain Parks Foundation (MPF) is a nonprofit organization that has been providing resources to enrich visitors’ experiences at Big Basin and Henry Cowell since 1973. MPF funded the Big Basin Nature Museum and Research Center scheduled to open in early 2021 before it was destroyed by the fire. MPF has established a recovery and restoration fund exclusively dedicated to rebuilding Big Basin.

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Sempervirens Fund

Sempervirens Fund is California’s first land trust and the only organization dedicated exclusively to protecting the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains. California State Parks is planning for Big Basin's Future following the 2020 CZU Lightning Complex wildfires, and your support can help Sempervirens Fund participate in the planning, designing, and rebuilding of Big Basin.

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Save the Redwoods League Logo

Save the Redwoods League is one of the nation’s longest-running conservation organizations that has been protecting and restoring redwood forests since 1918. The League has connected generations of visitors with the beauty and serenity of the redwood forest. The nonprofit’s 26,000 supporters have enabled the organization to protect more than 216,000 acres of irreplaceable forest in 66 state, national and local parks and reserves. Today, it’s more important than ever to protect California’s coast redwood and giant sequoia forests from the growing threats of climate change and ever-worsening wildfires. The League has created a Wildfire Fund to ensure work crews, scientists, and other project team members have the funding needed to help speed the reopening of Big Basin Redwoods State Park and create fire-ready redwood forests.

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Friends of Santa Cruz

Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks (Friends) is a vital partner with California State Parks, creatively working to ensure our cherished local parks and beaches are thriving and available to all. They created the Friends Fire Relief Fund for direct, short-term assistance as well as longer-term recovery efforts at Big Basin Redwoods State Park and other parks in the Santa Cruz Mountains impacted by the CZU Lightning Complex Fire.

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