Innovative Park Operations

The Service Driven function is intended to be a flex program within the District where senior leadership could tailor its purpose to achieve District-specific functions.

  • Manage districtwide project development team
  • Acquisition and Real Property: Leases, Easements, Right of Entry Permits
  • Environmental Compliance: CEQA, project review and oversight, documentation creation/communication, and facilitation of legal decisions.
  • Planning: Negotiate property agreements (leases, easements, right of ways, and memorandums of understanding) and right of entry permits. Interagency communication and collaboration.
  • Defensive Planning: External project review and environmental mitigation, project comment coordination, utility and right of way issues, and encroachments and trespassing issues.
  • Graphic Information Systems (GIS), Information Technology (IT), and Computer Equipment: Supervise GIS Analyst providing GIS and mapping services; computer equipment, printer, server, and software troubleshooting; Headquarters server interface and backup maintenance.
  • Coordinate CEQA compliance for District projects
  • Coordinate the review of other State, local, and federal agencies' environmental documents, notices, and related matters
  • Coordinate GIS and GPS activities
  • Strengthen public and private partners to create, promote, sustain, and expand visitor services
  • Provide community outreach
  • Invite and manage concessions