Asilomar Dunes Natural Preserve

Dunes PreserveThe Asilomar Dunes Natural Preserve is located between Asilomar's main beach and the Asilomar Conference Grounds. 

Here you will find the last 25 acres of native dunes habitat remaining from once was 480 acres in Pacific Grove, California. Brought back from the destruction of years of unrestricted activitiy, State Parks staff began an ambitious dunes restoration project in the mid-1980s. The dunes habitat you see today is an example of what can occur when balance is lost and found once again. In 2005, these dunes were designated a Natural Preserve which offers the highest level of protection of a natural enviornment in the State Parks System. 

These dunes provide refuge to coastal dunes plants and wildlfe including the endangered Menzies' Wallflower (blooms January-March), endangered Tidestrom's Lupine and the endangered Black Legless Lizard. 

The 1/4 mile boardwalk allows visitors to gain a better appreciation of this native dunes habitat with its annual wild flower blooms, ocean vistas, and native wildlife. Visitors can learn more by reading interpretive panels along the way or by exploring with one of our self-guided tour brochures (see brochures on main page or pick up from the Asilomar Social Hall.) 

Today, State Parks staff and volunteers continue to maintain these dunes with invasive plant removal, planting of native dunes plants, and give guided tours for visitors to learn more about the importance of protecting this space. 

Please do your part! 

  • Stay on boardwalk to avoid trampling plants
  • Do not disturb plants or wildlife
  • Walk bicycyles
  • Keep pets on leash

How to access the dunes: 

From Asilomar's main beach, visitors can access the Dunes Preserve through the wooden style which also leads to the Asilomar Conference Grounds and the Asilomar Social Hall which contains public restrooms, Phoebe's Cafe, and the Asilomar Gift Shop. 

From Asilomar Conference Grounds, visitors can enter the Dunes Preserve across from the Asilomar Socail Hall, behind the Grace Dodge Chapel, or from Asilomar's Native Plant Nursery.