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Junior Lifeguards
July 8 - August 2, 2024
9am – 3pm Weekdays

Big River State Beach


In late 2017 California State Parks stationed its first permanent lifeguard on the Mendocino Coast. We are a mobile water rescue unit, covering the coastline from Gualala to Usal (the Lost Coast), but the majority of our day is spent roving areas with high visitation, from Mendocino to Fort Bragg. Keep your eyes peeled for our trucks (white with sirens and rescue boards on the roof racks)!

State Parks Lifeguards

The beautiful, rugged coastline of Northern California poses a unique set of risks, but our mission remains the same as any other state lifeguard agency: to promote aquatic safety in state parks and in our community at large. The single most important tool in our rescue toolbox is prevention. Since 2017 we have had thousands of potentially life-saving conversations along the coast.

North Coast Lifeguards

JG’s represents next step forward in our mission of aquatic safety: education. Junior lifeguards gain invaluable experience and skills to safely enjoy our local beaches. Best of all, they share this knowledge with their community.

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