Frequently Asked Questions

1) What can I do with a CalCareer account?
You can do so many things with your CalCareer account!

  • Learn the steps to apply for a State job
  • Take exams and become list eligible for jobs
  • Search for open job vacancies
  • Receive contact letters for job opportunities electronically
  • Watch videos on how to apply

A CalCareer account is the ultimate resource for you to begin to Live the Parks Life!

2) I forgot my login and password for my CalCareer account, where can I retrieve this information?
Just go to the CalCareers Login page and click on the hyperlink for Forgot User I.D/Password.
Retrieve your User I.D: Look for the box titled Get User I.D. on the left-hand side of the screen. Enter in the email address you used to sign up for your CalCareer account, and CalHR will send you an email with your unique User I.D.
Reset your password: You will need your CalCareer account User I.D and the email address you used to sign up for your CalCareer account.
Tip: If you don’t have access to the email associated with your CalCareer account, you can email or call 866-844-8671 for further assistance

3) I took an exam for the classification I want, now what do I do?
Congratulations on your first step towards a career with State Parks! Depending on your ranking, you are now eligible to apply for vacancies for this classification.
Tip: Be proactive. You will need to research for potential vacancies.
You can also sign-up for e-mail notifications through your CalCareer account.

4) Can I apply for any vacancy that interests me?
Yes, you can apply for any vacancy that interests you. To ensure you are eligible for hire you will need to take an Exam/Assessment for the specific classification you are applying to.

Tip: Read the minimum qualifications and include your corresponding experience to ensure your application is competitive.

5) What if I am interested in multiple positions? Can I apply to more than one?
Yes! You can complete a STD 678 standard application form and save it to your account so that you can use it for multiple job vacancies (with the same classification).
Tip: You can create several different application templates for different classifications that interest you. Carefully review each job posting, including the duty statement and minimum qualifications of each job.

6) What are the required documents for applying to a job?
All jobs for the State of California require a Standard 278. Some job postings will require additional documents, such as a resume or Statement of Qualifications. It’s always best to review job postings for specifics and attach additional documents when needed.
Tip: Include any documents and information that will make you stand out, even if it’s not required as part of the application.

7) How do I find out if additional documentation is needed?
Job postings found on the CalHR website include an “Additional Documentation” section on the bulletin. Click on Job Application Package Checklist link to see if any additional documentation is required.

8) How current are job postings?
The California Department of Parks and Recreation posts job vacancies on the CalCareers Web site as frequently as every business day. Job postings have open and closing filing dates, which also means they are only posted for a specific amount of time (most jobs are typically posted for 10-14 days). Look for the Publish Date to find out when a job was posted.

9) Where can I find the closing date for a job?
Each job post will have a Filing Deadline or Final Filing Date (a.k.a. the closing date) at the top of the post, under the job title and work position number.
Tip: Applications will not be accepted after a filing deadline. If you are mailing an application in, ensure that the postmark is made before the job post’s final filing date/deadline.

10) Will the hiring process require a reference check?
It is recommended hiring managers perform reviews of the potential candidate’s employment history and reference checks prior to offering a position. Any specifics about the employment screening process can be directed to the hiring manager listed on the job post.

11) I have received a provisional job offer, what are the next steps?
Congratulations! You are almost there. The hiring manager will be reaching out to you regarding the next steps; this may include requesting required documentation, such as official college transcripts, resume addendum to application, job references, etc.

12) Can I ask why I was not selected? Who do I contact for this information?
You may contact the hiring manager to receive information about the selection process.
Tip: This is a best practice. You will learn more about the type of information needed for a similar position so you can prepare for the next interview!

13) I have submitted an application and completed an interview. It is now a few months later- how can I find out about the status of my application?
You may contact the hiring manager to ask for updates regarding the status of the job and your application.

14) Will I have opportunities for training and development after I am hired?
The State of California offers many opportunities for training and development. Some classifications do require continuing education while other trainings are offered for personal and professional development.

15) What types of positions are available with the California Department of Parks and Recreation?
See our job vacancies page to view all the exciting ways you can join the Parks team! Certain jobs, such as an Environmental Scientists offer an open and continuous exam, but there may not always be a vacancy – you will want to visit the Parks Jobs page for the next opportunity.

16) There’s so many job openings at Parks- how do I find a specific classification I’m looking for?
Getting more specific about your job search is easy!

The quickest way is navigate to the Get a State Job page and type in the keyword of a job you are searching for. There are also three other ways to look for jobs:

  • Advanced Job Search: Select options on drop-down menus to filter results
  • Geographic Job Search: Search jobs by counties throughout the State
  • Exam/Assessment Search: Search jobs by available exams

17) Do I need to have experience in forestry, geology, or earth science to work for the Department of Parks and Recreation?
Not at all! There are many different job opportunities with Parks and Recreation. We invite you to explore our job vacancies and career web pages to see all the ways you can Live the Parks Life!

18) I have questions about specific information on the job posting. Who can I direct my questions to?
You can direct your questions to the specific hiring manager listed on the job post you are applying for. A hiring manager’s email and/or a phone number is listed on every job post.

19) I am applying to be a State Park Peace Officer Cadet. Is it possible to request a Ride- Along with a Ranger?
Absolutely! Just send a request to with your contact information (name, phone number, desired location for Ride-Along) and the WPRO Recruitment Team will get you connected to the right Ride-Along contact.

20) I saw some job vacancies on your website that I have prior experience in, and I’m interested in joining State service. Who do I contact to learn more about job opportunities that are best suited for me?
That’s great! We welcome candidates from various fields, backgrounds, and work experience to join Parks. For example, those with military experience can apply for Veteran’s preference which can be valued into their exam scores for list eligibility. You would be surprised at how many skills can transfer and lead you to a new career.

Want to learn more about how you can Live The Parks Life? Send your questions at Staff with the Workforce Planning and Recruitment Office are happy to help!