Wildflower Bloom

2023 Spring Flower Bloom

At this point in the season, California’s desert state parks are cautiously optimistic in expecting a “good” to “better than average” wildflower bloom this late winter and spring seasons depending on the continued weather conditions.

The unique combination of sun, rain, temperature and wind define the stage for the later winter and early springtime arrival of desert wildflowers. Some areas in the extreme southern part of San Diego County are currently already blooming, and future desert weather and temperature shifts, especially in the month of February, may help or hinder the expansive wildflower spread. If the weather shifts to warmer and drier days, the winter annual bloom may be over in a few short weeks.

Additionally, State Parks asks visitors to respect the wildflower bloom and vegetation by taking only photos and walking on designated trails when possible. California State Parks welcomes all to enjoy the wildflowers, and, in the interest of safety and conservation, asks visitors to please respect the iconic landscapes and be knowledgeable of the area, weather and their body limitations. Please visit the park unit webpages and follow the COVID-19 guidelines.

California State Parks recommends visitors to continue to visit this webpage for updates on what to expect this wildflower season.

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