Wildflower Bloom

2020 Spring Flower Bloom

Thanks to the rainfall California received during the last couple of months, state parks may have moderate to large wildflower blooms this 2020 spring season. Historically, wildflowers bloom from late February to early April, hitting their peak in mid-March. However, there are many factors that contribute to the success of the wildflowers including the proper amount of rain at the appropriate time of year along with favorable temperatures. Changing weather, such as frost, heat and wind, affect the wildflowers making it impossible to predict exactly where, when and if the wildflowers will bloom.

Should significant blooms occur this year, all people are welcomed to enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly by treading lightly through the wildflowers and taking only pictures. Leaving the wildflowers for the next visitor to enjoy is not only common courtesy, but picking wildflowers is also prohibited.

Last year and in 2017, some state parks in California experienced the “super bloom,” which carpeted the grounds with a variety of floral colors resulting from heavy rainfall.

Although wildflower blooms adorn many areas in California, some of the most beautiful blooms take place in desert landscapes. These rare blooms occur when precipitation levels in the areas are high, combined with years of drought that eliminate grasses and weeds that take up nutrients. These conditions cause wildflowers to thrive. Depending on the park, you may see colorful California poppies, sand verbena, evening primrose, popcorn flowers or desert lilies.

The flower blooms––whether moderate or “super”––attract thousands of visitors to the parks. California State Parks welcomes all to enjoy the wildflowers, and, in the interest of safety and conservation, asks visitors to please respect the iconic landscapes and be knowledgeable of the area, weather and their body limitations.

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