Pursuant to California Public Resources Code 5080.30 and 5080.42, the department may enter into an operating agreement with government municipalities or qualified nonprofit organizations. These partnerships provide for the development, improvement, restoration, care, maintenance, administration, or operation of a park or portion of a park. There are two types of these agreements, either an operating or a co-management agreement. Operating agreements allow government or qualified organizations to operate all or a portion of a park unit with minimal involvement and oversight by department staff. Co-management agreements allow qualified nonprofit organizations to operate a portion of a park unit, sharing operational and financial roles and responsibilities for the park unit with the department.

To learn more about becoming an Operator or Co-Manager of a park, contact Robyn Krock, Park Impact Partner Program Manager at robyn.krock@parks.ca.gov.

The California State Park system currently has 60 agreements with nonprofit organizations and/or local governments. For a complete list of operators and co-managers click here.