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The Olompali People Cooperating Association was founded to help California State Parks interpret, preserve, protect, enhance, and develop the natural, cultural and aesthetic values of Olompali State Historic Park. What makes Olompali so unique is its 8,000-year continuous human history and its changing land use over time. Pick any point in history, and there are stories to tell at Olompali!

When The Olompali People started out in 1982, it was a small group of nature education guides who were inspired by noted naturalist Elizabeth Terwilliger to work to open this remarkable site to the public. Over the last 33 years, TOP has matured into a community-based nonprofit cooperating association whose objective is to see through the implementation of Olompali’s General Plan and support educational programming at the park. Through TOP’s efforts, funds were raised and the Olompali general plan was created in partnership with California State Parks, which led to the opening of the Park to the public in 1990. TOP is dedicated to preserving and restoring the cultural and natural history of the park, as well as to enhancing educational and interpretive programs. TOP's goals include the rehabilitation of the Mary Burdell Victorian Garden, restoring historic buildings at the park, and partnering with State Parks on events and programs that showcase the park’s 8,000-year human history.

Mark your calendars for the 3rd Sunday in May for Olompali Heritage Day when The Olompali People and California State Parks host the Annual Heritage Day Celebration at the park!

You are invited to visit TOP’s website to learn more about the association and Olompali. We encourage you to become a TOP member and join the growing community of supporters of Olompali State Historic Park.

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