The Change-in-Use (CIU) process is used by the Department to facilitate the review of qualifying change-in-use proposals that would add uses to or remove uses from existing recreational roads and trails in the state park system. The process is intended to facilitate and make consistent the consideration of changes in non-motorized recreational uses on existing state park roads and trails that best accommodate accessibility and recreational activities appropriate for each road or trail facility. The process provides the Department with an objective and consistent process and evaluation tool to assess change-in-use proposals that modify roads and trails. The complete EIR and related documents are available through the links below.

Road and Trail Change-in-Use Evaluation Process

Draft Program Environmental Impact Report
Volume 1 - Draft PEIR with Edits Incorporated
Volume 2 - Draft Appendices

Final Program Environmental Impact Report
Volume 1 - Final PEIR
Volume 2 - Appendices

Additional Resources
Findings of Fact
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program
Notice of Determination