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Friends of Palomar Mountain State Park is dedicated to financially supporting the park for the enjoyment of all Californians. Our donors fund much-needed projects and programs that are outside the park budget, including facility refurbishment, trail improvement and educational programs to enhance the public’s park experience.

Projects that we've financially supported include: expanding the park's outreach efforts by funding a seasonal interpretive specialist, replacing the park bathroom and shower doors, installing new interpretive trail markers along Doane Valley Nature Trail, and subsidizing the annual apple festival.  Our legacy program includes busing hundreds of local underserved youth to enjoy a day in the park.  Most of these children have never been to Palomar or any park... and probably would never have had the opportunity without our support.

Rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage, Palomar Mountain State Park is a living legacy created in 1933 that’s been preserved and passed down to all of us. Friends of Palomar Mountain State Park feel a responsibility pass along this irreplaceable heritage for others to enjoy, including future generations of Californians.

Our community of supporters includes individuals, corporations and other non-profits.  Our board and officers serve without compensation. Absolutely every dollar counts, so please consider making a contribution today.

Friends of Palomar Mountain State Park
P.O. Box 91
Palomar, CA 92060-0091
TEL: 800-965-4691