Final Road and Trail Management Plan

The final Humboldt Redwoods State Park Road and Trail Management Plan has been approved.


California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

A Negative Declaration was prepared for the Mount Diablo State Park (SP) Road and Trail Management Plan (RTMP) and is located in the Final Mount Diablo State Park RTMP (see above).  Copies of the filed documents are available by emailing a request to



Humboldt Redwoods State Park (SP) has 50 miles of roads and 60 miles of trails for public use in the coastal mountains of southern Humboldt County, 40 miles south of Eureka, eight miles north of Garberville, and 240 miles north of San Francisco. Its approximately 53,000 acres protects one of the world's largest remaining contiguous stands of ancient coast redwoods. The Humboldt Redwoods SP 2001 General Plan calls to "Prepare a Trail Management Plan to evaluate the park's entire trail system and guide the placement and use of future trails and trail camps. Emphasis should be placed on creating opportunities for visitors to enjoy the diverse topography, biotic communities, and scenic views at the park, as well as possible regional connections." 

The purpose of the Road and Trail Management Plan is to provide specific direction for the long term construction, maintenance, and management of the roads and trails system.  Specifically, the plan:
• Determines which roads and trails should be maintained, removed, and/or enhanced.
• Identifies which of the unofficial trails should be removed and which should be made official. 
• Determines the types of trail uses (e.g. hiking, biking, and/or equestrian) that are appropriate on each road and trail. 
• Identifies those roads and trails that lead to damage of the natural and cultural resources of the park, for example a trail that passes through an area of sensitive natural resources, and need to be re-routed and/or reconstructed. 
• Identifies trail connections necessary to create trail loops and/or connect to trails outside the park. 
• Identifies opportunities for new trails, where appropriate
• Identifies necessary trail facilities, such as restrooms, parking, and drinking water


Road and Trail Management Plan Maps

Baseline Maps

Baseline Maps of Road and Trail Inventory by Area:

Planning Recommendation Maps:

Maintenance Recommendation Maps:

Potential Significance to Water Resources and Drainage Structure Condition Maps:

Erosion Severity Maps: