Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Final General Plan and Environmental Impact Report

The Big Basin Redwoods SP General Plan was approved by the State Park and Recreation Commission on May 17, 2013. The final General Plan is published in two separate documents:

Final General Plan and Environmental Impact Report 

All files are in PDF format.

General Plan Maps (Document Figures):

Figure 1     Regional Map 
Figure 2     Location Map
Figure 3     Land Use & Facilities
Figure 4     Land Use & Facilities – Park Headquarters Area
Figure 5     Coastal Zone
Figure 6     Regional Fault Map
Figure 7     Watersheds and Streams
Figure 8     Vegetation Communities
Figure 9     Wildlife Habitat
Figure 10   Natural Resource Sensitivity
Figure 11   National Historic Landmark with Contributing Elements
Figure 12   Historic Resources NRHP Multiple Property Documentation, Park Headquarters Area
Figure 13   Lower Sky Meadow Residence Area – National Historic District
Figure 14   Headquarters Area (Governor’s Camp) 2011
Figure 15   Headquarters Area (Governor’s Camp) 1954
Figure 16   Headquarters Area (Governor’s Camp) 1941
Figure 17   Headquarters Area (Governor’s Camp) 1924 
Figure 18   Preferred Alternative – Park Headquarters / Sky Meadow
Figure 19   Preferred Alternative – Saddle Mountain and Highway 236
Figure 20   Preferred Alternative – Waddell Beach and Rancho del Oso
Figure 21   Preferred Alternative – Little Basin
Figure 22   Preferred Alternative – Wilderness and Backcountry
Figure 23   Tsunami Inundation Risk
Figure 24   Sea Level Rise – 100 Yr Storm Comparison of Current & Yr 2100 Inund. Areas
Figure 25   Sea Level Rise – Mean High Tide with 55 inches of Sea Level Rise