The Cultural Resources Division of the California Department of Parks and Recreation presents Publications in Cultural Heritage, No. 31, titled  Conversations with John Foster, David L. Felton, and Glenn Farris: Thirty Years of Cultural Stewardship at California's State Parks. This volume, constructed from oral interviews, celebrates the careers of three prominent State Parks archaeologists who through their activities and diverse skill sets developed modern cultural stewardship practices to the benefit and preservation of California State Parks invaluable cultural resources. Contained in these transcribed interviews are the personal histories of these remarkable three men and how their collective backgrounds shaped the trajectory of their philosophical approach to cultural heritage stewardship in the Department at the beginning of State Parks embracement of the "compliance mandates" of the early 1970s.

A PDF copy of this report is now available, below. For more information about State Parks archaeological publications or to request a hard copy of the report, please email or call 916-263-1632.

2014 Publications in Cultural Heritage, No. 31


David Felton, John Foster and Glenn Farris