Since 2005, California State Parks has been operating under a federal consent decree resulting from a class action lawsuit.  In settling Tucker, et al. v. State of California Department of Parks and Recreation et al., the Department agreed to remove architectural and programmatic access barriers and construct accessible trails following a court approved timeline. To date, California State Parks has completed hundreds of barrier removal and accessible trail projects statewide.

Consent Decree Documents

2005 Order
2014 Order
2024 Order
Exhibit A - Transition Plan
Exhibit B - Work Plan
Exhibit C - Trails Plan 
Exhibit D - Self Evaluation 
Exhibit E - Accessibility Guidelines 
Exhibit F - Accepted Deviations for Existing Facilities 
Exhibit G - Transition Plan Programs, Level 2 Parks 
Exhibit H - Transition Plan Programs, Level 3 Parks 
Exhibit I - Transition Plan Programs, Level 4 Parks 
Exhibit J - Locally Operated Park Units 
Exhibit K - Concession Information 
Exhibit L - Accessibility and Historic Properties
Exhibit M - Accessible Campsite Policy
Exhibit N - Use of Qualified Sign Language Interpreters
Exhibit O - Accessibility and Publications Policy
Exhibit P - Accessibility Comment/Complaint Policy
Exhibit Q - Accessibility Checklist for Special Events
Exhibit R - Year 1 Modification Costs
Exhibit S - Notice of Proposed Settlement
Exhibit T - Letter for Operating Agencies
Exhibit U - Release of Individual Plantiffs' Damage Claims
Exhibit V - Notice of Class Settlement
Exhibit W - Acceptable Deviations to the 2013 Outdoor Developed Areas Amendments to the Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines
Exhibit X - 2023 Proposed Work Plan Benchmarks