Programs at the Adamson House

Field Trip: Explore How Land Has Been Used Throughout Time at the Historic Adamson House. The Adamson House gives students a glimpse into California History – The program begins with information about the Indigenous people that call this area home, the Ventureño Chumash tribe. We explore the centuries the area has been home to Native peoples, the Spanish Crown, Mexico, and then becoming part of the United States in 1850. Highlights include discussing the once-Malibu Rancho, the 100-year-old Adamson House, Malibu Lagoon, and various native plants, trees, and animals. This is led by State Park Staff and docents.
Maximum Capacity: 45 students, Grade 4

Programs at Malibu Lagoon State Beach

CA State Parks Self-Guided Field Trip: Bring students and chaperones to create your own adventure at this site. State Parks can provide suggestions and some curriculum for you to facilitate this trip. Approved K to 12 schools may have parking fees waived. Teachers participating in self-guided field trips are encouraged to visit the Park prior to their program to orient themselves. Please contact us to arrange a pre-visit.

Field Trip through Resource Conversation District of the Santa Monica Mountains: Marine Science at Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Learn about lagoon ecology through bird watching, looking at microorganisms in microscopes, and gathering scientific data. Walk down to the beach to see where Malibu Creek meets the sea and how that creates a unique ecosystem! This field trip is offered by RCD and not CA State Parks. Please visit RCD's informational Field Trip Programs page to learn more about this field trip and to contact their team. 

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