A Resource for Learning and Teaching About Coniferous Forests and Watersheds

The Conifer Connection is written for teachers, docents, parents, youth group leaders, naturalists, and anybody else who wants a comprehensive guide to coniferous forests and parks. The Conifer Connection provides the user with information on:

  • The human history of California's coniferous forests and watersheds;
  • Basic ecological principles
  • The science particular to the coniferous forest ecosystem
  • How to set up and conduct a field trip to a forest or park
  • Standards-correlated lessons and activities for before, during, and after a visit to a park or forest
  • Up-to-date lists of contacts and sources of materials 

Introduction and Table of Contents
Section I: Natural History of Coniferous Forests and Watersheds
Section II: Humans in California's Coniferous Forests
Section III: Field Trips to the Coniferous Forest
Section IV: Lessons and Activities for Teaching and Learning about the Coniferous Forest and Watershed
A Note to Educators