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Field Trip Programs for 1st to 6th Grade at Henry W. Coe State Park

Visit a Local State Park with Your Classroom!/pages/561/images/P0065039_PrintUse_DPR993Release[1]-crop.jpg

Through a docent and staff lead interpretive program, your students will explore how plants, animals and even rocks interconnect. Each program is designed to cover appropriate grade curriculum standards.

By teaching about interdependence, conservation and stewardship, the docents and staff of Coe Connections are sure to create a memorable and educational experience.

Programs are 1.5 hours Long and Include:
  Three 20 minute sessions
  Sessions include hands-on, age appropriate activities, games and stream studies (when water is available) 


Topics covered: Cycles, Interdependence, Plant Identification, Adaptations, Stream Studies, Conservation, Weather, and More!

Help Your Students Make the Connection

For more information about Coe Connections or any other interpretive children's programs please contact:

  Jennifer Naber

Phone: 408-842-9257


Program Locations

Programs are held at the Hunting Hollow Entrance.

Hunting Hollow entrace is 12 miles east of Gilroy on Gilroy Hot Springs Rd. /pages/561/images/P0065048_PrintUse_DPR993Release[1].jpg
Programs are $60 for every 40 students.

Programs must be reserved at least four weeks prior to your visit. Programs can be arranged Monday-Friday during the months of October-November and February-May. 

Henry Coe State Park School Programs are a partnership between The Pine Ridge Association and California State Parks