Doane Pond is a great place to try your hand at trout fishing.  This pond is stocked by the Department of Fish and Game. To find recent and future plantings, visit Doane Pond's Fish Planting Schedule.  If you are over 16, you must have a valid California fishing license.  There is no size limit but the catch limit is 5. 

Due to the Poomacha Fires in 2007, the native trout population has almost been diminished in our natural creeks.  We ask for your help in allowing these populations to make a come back by not fishing our creeks below Doane Pond or disturbing the vegetation around them.  The California Steel Head which is listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act is one of the species of trout that have been seen in our creeks.  It is important that these trout have a healthy habitat to exist.  State Parks has done our part in placing a fish net along the spillway of Doane pond to prevent non-native fish from entering our creeks to help prevent competition with the native trout.  Please do your part in helping us preserve the area so we do not lose a valuable species.
 Doane Pond with Ice