A California State Parks Scope of Collections Statement, or SOCS, is a comprehensive museum collection planning document which specifically defines the types of objects a state park unit collects and why it does so. It describes what the collection includes, what to add, what not to add, and what may need to be removed from the collection.

A SOCS normally covers a single park unit but, in some instances, it may cover an entire California State Park district or even a larger regional collection. It may be relatively brief for a park where museum objects play a small role, or more fully developed for a park with a more complex collection.

Our California State Parks Guidelines for Writing a Scope of Collections Statement explains concepts and departmental policies for writing a SOCS. They also give examples from current SOCS, practical tips on where to find the information you need, and a template to guide you in drafting your document.

Read Guidelines for Writing A Scope of Collections Statement (pdf)