The park has over 250 miles of hiking trails and old ranch roads that can be traveled in all seasons. Hikes in the park range from leisurely loops of a mile and a half with little elevation variations to highly ambitious backpacking loops of 50 miles or more with elevations gains and losses in the thousands of feet. 

On long hikes, be sure to take plenty of water and food. Some of the trails and roads on the more strenuous hikes are incredibly steep, which can make for slow going and trips that take longer than you thought they might. On warm days, take more water than you think you'll need.  Don't forget to carry a map with you. Coe Park is a huge wilderness, and it's not that hard to take a wrong turn and get lost.

Dogs are allowed in the main campground and on the paved road around the Visitor Center and one trail that connects the Visitor Center to the parking lot off E. Dunne Ave.  Dogs are NOT allowed anywhere else in the park.

Popular Hikes - Outings below are available on the OuterSpatial App

Coe Ranch Entrance:

Top of the Ridge Hike - 2.25miles (3.6km), 370ft (113m) elev. gain

Springs and Forest Trail Loop - 3.7miles (6km), 320ft (97m) elev. gain

Frog Lake Loop - 4.5miles (7.24km), 640 (195m) elev. gain

Middle Ridge/Fish Trail Loop - 6.4miles (10.2km), 1600ft. (488m) elev. gain

China Hole Loop - 10miles (16km), 1400ft. (427m) elev. gain

Mount Sizer Loop - 14miles (22.5km), 4000ft. (1219m) elev. gain


Hunting Hollow Entrance: 

Outings Coming Soon


Dowdy Ranch Entrance:

Burra Burra Geology Hike Loop - 2.7mile (4.25km), 768ft. (234m) elev. gain

Pacheco Creek Loop - 6miles (9.7km), 1695feet (517m) elev. gain



For a detailed written description of some hikes at the park please see Popular day hikes on our cooperating association website.