The Museum Collections Management Handbook, Volume II: Practices and Procedures provides the foundation by which the Archaeology, History and Museums Division works to meets its responsibilities toward our museum collections. Our Handbook provides policy guidance, standards, and requirements for preserving, protecting, documenting, and providing access to, and use of California State Parks' Museum Collections.  View Collections Management Handbook,Volume II

California State Parks is custodian of irreplaceable and priceless museum collections that include objects, specimens and archival materials that represent cultural and natural resources from State Park units. Among our collections are artifacts and objects from the disciplines of archaeology, biology, ethnology, geology, history, and paleontology. State Parks’ Museum Collections are part of the natural and cultural heritage of the state and are collected, preserved, and interpreted for public benefit. Our Collections inform and enhance every aspect of park work, from resource management and interpretation, to research and public accountability. Often our collection items are key resources for educators, students, researchers, park managers, park neighbors, and the general public.