Between 1933 and 1942, the Civilian Conservation Corps constructed over 1,500 buildings and structures in California State Parks.  The CCC built hundreds of Diablo stoves, picnic tables, and campsites, as well as more elaborate features such as open air theaters, recreation halls, visitor centers and bridges.  While many of these features have been lost over time, existing CCC buildings and structures can be found in the parks listed below.  This index has been prepared to provide park visitors, historians, and other interested parties a comprehensive list of existing elements of the CCC legacy in California state parks. However, the following list is not all inclusive, some minor features and infrastructure elements are not included.

Anza Borrego Desert State Park: Ten Diablo stoves, nine picnic tables, three stone armadas, twelve site campground, three campsites at Sheep Canyon, eight bathrooms, and one residence. 

Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve: Forest Theater, office building, residence and garage, a culvert, thirty-seven picnic tables, one drinking fountain, and forty-six Diablo Stoves and two BBQs for day use. 

Big Basin Redwoods State Park: Total of approximately 136 features and twenty identified sites of features.  Features include the office building, nature lodge & store, outdoor theater, two comfort station, seven cabins, three residences, sewer treatment plant, three utility buildings, seven footbridges, 100 Diablo stoves, three culverts, two entrance signs, one outdoor exhibit, and at least one identified trail. 

Calaveras Big Trees State Park: Big Trees Hall, the CCC Dispensary (now a residence), Administration Building, steps to Big Stump, weather station shelter, a comfort station twenty-five camp stoves, two group BBQs, four wood picnic tables, and several utility buildings and shops.

Castle Crags State Park: Suspension footbridge, Spring, Diablo stoves, barn, Comfort station, signs, masonry wall, and drinking fountains. 

Cuyamaca Ranch State Park: Fire Station and Park Caretaker Residence (including garage), nature den, pad supports and drainage improvements, one combo building, many road beds and associated culvert,  three residences with two associated garages, walls and walkways.

D.L. Bliss State Park: One residence with garage, combo building, flagpole, two walls, twenty Diablo stoves, ten picnic tables, pump house, catch basin and utility shed.

Humboldt Redwoods State Park: Museum, recreation hall, outdoor fireplace, two drinking fountains, a barn, three residences with one garage, Diablo stoves, picnic tables, campfire center. 

La Purísima Mission State Historic Park:  CCC reconstructed or built the majority of the mission buildings that make up the park.  Additional buildings were built after World War II.  All CCC elements remain with the exception of CCC camp buildings which were removed to local Air Force base.

McArthur Burney Falls Memorial State Park:
Pump house, four storage sheds, two residences, garage, and museum log cabin. 

Mendocino Woodlands State Park:  (The Works Progress Administration, known as the WPA constructed the facilities at Mendocino Woodlands.  The WPA used the same architects from the National Park Service to design the Woodlands, which possesses the same ambience and style as the park facilities built by the CCC.)  Two power plants, two offices, storage, two infirmary buildings, three mess halls, miscellaneous buildings, cooks cabin, garage, carport, five combo buildings, eight combo buildings, recreation hall, fifty-nine cabins, ten double cabins, two tent frames, fire hose cabinet, two gates drinking fountain, two campfire centers, swimming pool, foot bridge, nature center.

Morro Bay State Park: Shop, combo building, recreation hall, culvert, gate, boat dock, cupboards, forty-seven Diablo stoves, forty-seven picnic tables, stairway, pump house, and footbridge. 

Mount Diablo State Park: Picnic areas with forty-six Diablo stoves, thirty-seven picnic tables, summit building, stone stairway, rock walls, rockwork basins, maintenance office and shops, an elaborate culvert, comfort station, four residences with one garage, six campsites, and two BBQs. 

Mount San Jacinto State Park: Summit shelter, two residences with garages, vehicle bridge, culverts, ranger station, log fencing, gate, thirty-three cupboards, forty-six Diablo stoves, forty-six picnic tables, two footbridges, rock terracing, retaining walls.

Mount Tamalpais State Park: Cushing Memorial Theater, rock restrooms, theater dressing rooms, four footbridges, check dams, campgrounds, fire lookout tower and stone pump house on top of East Peak.  Additional features include one residence, two picnic tables, sixteen campsites, thirty-two day use sites, two walls, stairs, one 4-way stove, and one 6-way stove.

Natural Bridges State Beach:  Diablo stoves. 

New Brighton State Beach:  One residence with garage, combo building, ten Diablo stoves (day use), and a ramada. 

Palomar Mountain State Park: Two residences with garages, outdoor toilet, vehicle bridge, culverts (including one multi-arch culvert), three sheds, outdoor fireplace, rock retaining walls and stairs, seventeen picnic tables, dam, two reservoirs, and a footbridge. 

Sue-meg State Park: Residence # 1 and museum. 

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park:  Fifteen buildings (residences, comfort stations, utilities, nature center, and recreation hall), one bridge, outdoor theater, three Diablo stoves (of 174 constructed), fourteen picnic tables (of the 112 constructed) eight drinking fountains, log barriers, day use area (camp stove, three fountains, two parking lot buffer walls, one prep table base [remains of several BBQ features] and outdoor theater stage).

Point Lobos State Reserve:  Office shop, Residence # 2, and picnic tables. 

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park: Administration building, comfort station # 1, twelve Diablo stoves, twenty-eight picnic tables, campfire center. 

Richardson Grove State Park: Lodge/Concessions Building and possibly a number of small rustic cabins.

Russian Gulch State Park: Two utility buildings (now garages), two residences, a recreation hall, two campsites, water tower, footbridge, and two picnic tables. 

San Clemente State Beach: Office, three residences, maintenance (blacksmith) shop, a garage, adobe wall, campsites and furnishings.

Sea Cliff State Beach: Storage shed, residence with garage, two walls, pier, rock drinking fountain, and a ramada. 

Sunset State Beach:  Ramada and possible campsite furnishings, retaining walls, or drainage features. 

Tule Elk State Reserve:  A residence with garage, gates, and elk monument.

Van Damme State Park:  Recreation hall, a residence, combination building, and nine concrete and masonry stream fords.