California State Park PartnersCalifornia State Parks is fortunate to have so many public, private and non-profit organizations ready and willing to help fulfill our mission of providing for the health, inspiration and education of the people of California.
This new publication describes the activities of 120 of the department’s partners. 

California State Park Partners  (entire document for high speed connections)
(7.17 mb, 157 pages, pdf)

Federal and State Government Partners (180 kb, 2 pages, pdf)
California State Parks Foundation (437 kb, 4 pages, .pdf)
Commissions, Committees, and Councils (469 kb, 5 pages, pdf)
Related Commisssions and Councils (780 kb, 14 pages, pdf)
Interpretation and Education Partners (769 kb, 18 pages, pdf)
Cultural Heritage Partners (1.37 mb, 12 pages, pdf)
Natural Resource Partners (1.24 mb, 13 pages, pdf)
Service Partners (1.06 mb, 10 pages, pdf)
Parkland Acquisition Partners (3.20 mb, 38 pages, pdf)
Outdoor Recreation Partners (2.62 mb, 15 pages, pdf)
Professional Organizations (419 kb, 5 pages, pdf)
Appendix (202 kb, 7 pages, pdf)