California State Parks offers interpretive panels on topics of general interest for a wide variety of park uses.  These panels can be purchased for a nominal price (usually around $300 to $450 for State Park units, depending on the fabrication method--contact us for price information for use in other locations).  All coordination with vendors regarding fabrication is managed by staff of the Interpretation and Education Division.  As funds are available, the list of panels below will grow.

At the discretion of the Interpretation and Education Division, panel text and photographs can be substituted to address issues at a specific park unit or in a specific region--however, additional staff time required to make the substitutions may need to be funded by the requestor.

To order a panel or panels for use in a unit of the California State Park System, use the Internal Order Form.   Outside entities who wish to order a panel must use the External Order Form. For external orders, staff time required to prepare the files for fabrication will need to be funded by the requestor. Please print and fill them out by hand, and either fax to the Interpretation and Education Division at (916) 654-9048 or email to

Interpretive panels can be made available in alternate formats. Contact or call the Interpretation and Education Division at (916) 654-2249 for more information.

Panels Available

The PDF files below show only the 32" x 40" format of each panel; the 24" x 48" format includes the same text and graphics, slightly rearranged. 

Park/Resource Management
Volunteers in Parks
Don't Feed Wildlife 
Habitat Fragmentation 
San Andreas Fault 
Stream Restoration 
Exotic Species
Seasonal Dryness 
Benefits of Fire 
Prescribed Burns 
Dogs in Parks
Bear Management 
Creek Water Quality 
Coastal Lagoons
Climate Change
Beach Pollution

Cultural Resources/Human History
Civilian Conservation Corps 
Cultural Resources 
Acorn Processing
Adobe Brick Making
African Americans in California History
Historic Transportation 
California State Parks History
El Camino Real
Native California Indians and Native Plants
California Indian Basketweaving

The Living Soil
Vernal Pools
Stream Ecology
Tide Mudflats
Kelp Forests
Sudden Oak Death 
Oak Woodlands 
Poison Oak 
Beach Wrack

Anadromous Fish
Tide Pools 
Riparian Forest Animals 
Least Tern 
Snowy Plover 
Bald Eagle 
Whale Watching 
Coastal Birds 
Mountain Lions 
California Quail 
Red-legged Frog 
Birds of Prey
Nocturnal Animals
Pacific Flyway
Rodents and Raptors

Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights
Reading a Beach
Boating Safety 
Sustainable Fishing
Beach Safety (English)
Beach Safety (Spanish) 
Swimming Safety (Beach)
Swimming Safety (River)
Surf Fishing 
Trail Safety, General
Trail Safety, Winter
*All panels are copyrighted to California State Parks.  Images, text, and designs of panels may not be used without express written permission.