Projects funded by the Office of Grants and Local Services are required to meet State and Federal requirements for access by persons with disabilities.   Below, OGALS provides a quick link list to recreation facility construction parameters and direction for associated recreation concerns.  The Federal and State listings are primary source documents.  Users will find that consultation of multiple entries within these source documents may be necessary for full accessibility compliance.  In the event of discrepancy in standards, the higher level of required compliance, State or Federal, applies.  Lower four links aim toward consolidation of standards, ease of reference, and clarity of understanding.  Keep in mind, that the last four links are based on interpretations of the primary source documents.  In our observation, proprietors of the provided websites have demonstrated maintenance of currency; the Office of Grants and Local Services, however, assumes no liability for such.

Primary Source Documents (Federal & State Accessibility laws)

Quick Reference Resources (based on interpretation of above mandates)

California State Parks Accessibility Guidelines is a compilation based on Federal and State standards developed for use internally by California State Parks.  While this should be considered an unofficial document outside of California State Parks, agencies may find useful guidance in provided citations that refer to location within primary source documents.

Smithsonian Guidelines for Accessible Exhibition Design (museum, visitor center, performance spaces).

Discussion & Application of Law; Contacts & Clarifications; Research & Products

ADA Document Portal: discussion of ADA obligations; link to Technical Assistance Center.

National Center On Accessibility (NCA).  A collaborative program of Indiana University and the National Park Service, providing, Research, Education, Product Listings, based on updates in ADA Law.