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Special Events & Picnic Reservations

Brookhurst Ramadas A & B

These picnic areas are located at the Brookhurst entrance. Each Ramada has two picnic tables, one fire ring and is wheelchair accessible and can be reserved for $200.00 a day year round.There are 4 volleyball courts near by.

Brookhurst A



Brookhurst B


Brookhurst Berm Ramadas A, B, C, & D

These picnic areas are located at the Brookhurst entrance to the left end of the Spencer Ramp  between towers 2 & 3.

Each Ramada has two picnic tables and one fire ring and can be reserved for $100.00 a day  year round. There are 4 volleyball courts near by a opposite end of the Spencer Ramp.



Newland Ramada A, B, C, & D

This picnic area is located at the Newland entrance. Each Ramada has two picnic tables, one fire ring and can be reserved for $200.00 a day year round. #A,B, C, & D are wheelchair accessible. There are 6+ volleyball courts near by.

Newland A 








 Newland B









  Newland C 









  Newland D









FIRE RINGS, VOLLEYBALL, BASKETBALL COURTS (and Picnic Areas with fire rings if not reserved) are open to the public on a first come first served basis.

There are no grills at Huntington State Beach but you are welcome to bring your own propane grill (must be 18" off the ground) or put coals and wood inside the fire pit only. If you'd like to bring a grate top to grill on the fire pit it is 3'1" for the inside diameter and 4'10" for the exterior diameter.