Interpretation is a special form of communication that helps people understand, appreciate, and emotionally connect with the rich natural and cultural heritage preserved in parks.  It is the mission of interpretation in California State Parks to convey messages that initially help visitors value their experience, and ultimately will foster a conservation ethic and promote a dedicated park constituency. 

State Parks experiences, both in the park units and in the classrooms, are powerful forms of education that are meaningful, involve the student and visitors, promote critical thinking, and appeal to different learning styles.  Park experiences for students assist teachers with meeting curriculum needs and offering activities that enable students to investigate, research, and participate in interactive learning.

State Parks must expand innovative uses of technology through partnerships with the education community, nonprofit organizations and private industry to reach beyond park boundaries.

To achieve the interpretive and educational goals of the department a wide variety of positions are utilized.  From planning to implementation of interpretive and educational programs, specific skills are needed to ensure high-quality experiences for our visitors.

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