The Will Rogers Ranch House in Pacific Palisades.

Will Rogers Western Ranch House is registered through the California State Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) in the California Historic Resource Inventory (HRI).  Listed with the orginal address of 14253 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, the Will Rogers Ranch House has a NRS Rating of " 1S: "

Category 1   - "Properties Listed in the National Register (NR) or the California Register (CR)"

Category 1S - "Individual property listed in the National Register (NR) by the Keeper,  Listed in the CR"

The California Register includes in its Historic Resources Inventory (HRI) the following description of the Will Rogers Ranch House:

This home is located in the Will Rogers State Historic Park, about fifteen miles west of the Los Angeles Civic Center just off Sunset Boulevard in the Pacific Palisades. Situated on gently sloping ground, the home is a one and two story wood frame building. It has a wood shingle roof and wood exterior siding. This ranch home built in about 1926 is of California rustic style with wide overhanging eaves and simple exterior trim and ornamentation. Exterior doors and windows are of wood with both fixed and operable casements and double hung sash with screens.

Interior walls and ceilings are of either wood panels or lath and plaster. Tile is generously used in kitchen and bathrooms. Many built-in features such as book shelving, cabinetry and storage closets are well executed. Finish floors are of tile, hardwood and covered softwoods. The home is comfortably furnished with historic furniture and hangings of the Will Rogers era. Many trophies, collections and personal effects of Will Rogers are exhibited. The Will Rogers ranch was presented to the State of California for use as a historic park on August 19, 1944.

Will Rogers Western Ranch House HRI Primary Site Number: 19-167190.  The HRI Property Number is 021135. The Ranch House was put into the National Register in 1971 and was grandfathered into the California Register that year.