In March 2000, the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) completed construction of the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park Entry Redevelopment project, which included extensive landscaping and reconstruction of the McCoy House.  Extensive archaeological work was undertaken as part of that project.

The drawings below provide information about the results of the archaeological work conducted in the project "Area of Potential Effect (APE)."  They were prepared using AutoCAD LT.  In order to view the drawings, you will need to have the "AutoDesk DWF Auto Cad Viewer" on your computer.

Work is still in progress, so this drawing package is incomplete.  We plan to add add additional drawings as well as refine those presented here.

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Title Sheet: Project APE

Title Sheet: Project Area of Potential EffectIdentifies Entrance Redevelopment Project location and APE (Area of Potential Effect) boundary. Shows major streets, buildings and historic city block designations, includes an index of additional drawings.

Archaeological Areas/Sites

Archaeological Areas SitesThe project APE was subdivided into a sereis of archaeological areas for analysis of recovered data and artifacts. These generally correspond with recorded sites, but also reflect other aspects of land use and depositional history (e.g.street alignments, etc.)

Area D: Early Architectural Features

Area D: Early Architectural FeaturesArea D architectural features associated with at least two early adobe structures; shows analytic subareas demarking buildings and adjacent yard areas. Structures are believed to date to the 1830's, and occupied part of property owned by Maria Eugenia Silvas until 1851.

Area D: McCoy House Architectural Features

Area D: McCoy House Architectural Features
Area D architectural features attributed to construction of McCoy House in 1869 and major renovation work in 1888. The McCoy House has been reconstructed on this site, with its size and location based primarily on the archaeological evidence show here.