Peace Valley in the Sutter Buttes

An overview of Peace Valley in the early Spring. Historic Barn and access road in center of photo.

The Pugh family house was nestled against the hillside overlooking the valley.
North Butte is the mountain in the background.

Pugh Family home site

After Summer in Peace Valley  Spring growth in Peace Valley

At the left is the Sutter Buttes'  Peace Valley in the Fall when the hot summer
sun has dried out the landscape.  Right photo shows the same area in the
early Spring when vegetation is lush and green.

Linear Feature in the Sutter Buttes

There are over 30 linear features within the Peace Valley parcel. 
Many are historic rock walls with wooden posts and barbed
wire such as these, used to section off pastures.

Possible man made rock formation in Sutter Buttes

This curious rock formation may be man-made. It has been identified as a possible hunting blind constructed prior to European-American contact.

Sutter Buttes' andesite boulders
The abundance of andesite boulders on the landscape faciliated their use by
Maidu and Patwin people as milling stations to process acorns from the
many oak trees that dot the valley and surrounding hillsides.

(Photos by Associate State Archaeologist Dionne Gruver)
(Captions by Senior State Archaeologist Kathleen Lindahl)