The Department has an Interpretive Plan for WRSHP, prepared in 1974.  The Interpretive Plan, under the heading of ‘Personal Services - Demonstrations,’ describes three types of equestrian activities that would contribute to the interpretive mission at the park.  These are polo, roping, and care and safe handling of horses.  The Plan briefly discusses the purpose, content, style, potential audience and technical considerations of each category.  The technical considerations describe some of the interpretive activities that might take place (pp.16-19):

Polo:  Demonstrations of the rules and techniques can be presented at the practice cage.  There could possibly be limited visitor participation to aid in demonstrations.  The game of polo should be demonstrated at regularly scheduled matches on the polo field.  The number of matches allowed should be based on the interest of the players and the impact on the field and grounds.  Polo rules and technique demonstrations should be on a regularly scheduled basis possible before matches.  All demonstrations should be conducted by authorized staff personnel.

Roping:  Roping demonstrations should be conducted in the roping area.  All demonstrations should be done on a limited, regularly scheduled basis, and by authorized personnel or concessionaire.

Care and Safe Handling of Horses:  Special or scheduled programs would not be necessary but could be held.  The demonstration would be through the every day care and handling of horses at [the] Park.  The visitors will be able to observe the procedures and ask questions of the personnel.  Any agreement for a concession using horses should include such a commitment.  Adequate provisions should be taken for visitor safety around horses and stable area.

The Interpretive Plan does not consider the interpretive benefit of any other equestrian activities.

The Interpretive Plan includes a schedule of improvements.  It calls for removing all “non-period ‘improvements’ such as fencing corrals, structures, and equipment,” and reducing the number of livestock to the number Will Rogers had and restore the canyon corrals to pasture (p. 45)