San Onofre SB Lease

San Onofre Beach Image

The long-term lease between the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) and the United States Marine Corps (USMC) for a land that comprises San Onofre State Beach is set to expire in the year 2021.

A letter indicating DPR's formal interest to extend that lease, signed by the director of DPR, was submitted in 2016 to the Marine Corps. The department plans to use the four years leading up to the lease expiration productively and hopes to reach an agreement during that time.

While DPR has met with USMC Base Commanders and meets with their staff on a regular basis, an agreement of this magnitude will take time to negotiate and finalize.  An announcement on the final outcome is not anticipated until at or near the end of the current lease in 2021. 

Suggestions from the public on the lease process can be submitted to DPR online via San Onofre’s Lease email address at DPR will not be able to respond to each suggestion, but it will keep your submissions on hand for reference during the lease renewal process. Thank you for your patience and supporting California’s state parks.

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