Appendix E

Name of facility/institution and department:     
State Museum Resource Center, California State Parks

Name and title of contact person:                      
B. Careful, Museum Curator II

Phone, fax and email address for contact person:    
Telephone: (916) 653-1119  Fax:  (916) 651-1111 

Is protective gear available for use by visitors? If yes, please indicate which are provided (specify type and/or materials for each):

_x__smock or lab coat:     Tyvek smocks

 Cotton or nitrile
_x__face protection:         
dust masks

Identify specific items which will be examined during the consultation
(use i.d. numbers if known):

20   Pomo Baskets  (088-089.etc)

List chemicals or other known substances which may have been
applied to the artifacts:     

Black Flag fumigant

Method of application:              
Sprayed on by staff at State Indian Museum

Date(s) of application (approximate if not certain):   
late 1980's

Source and date of information:               
Odor detected by staff upon opening boxes

-verbally from current staff (include names and titles)               

-verbally from former staff (include names and titles)                  
Staff at State Indian Museum

-written document (specify type and attach copy if possible)      
Noted on Transfer document

-anecdotal information.
This information was compiled by:
Name:          B. Careful
Title:             Curator II
 Feb 20, 2005