California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR)
Archaeological Reports

The Cultural Resources Division of the California Department of Parks and Recreation has made arrangements with a private vendor to provide copies of the Archaeological Reports listed below to the general public. For the latest information on availability and prices email Coyote Press. Please indicate report title and author(s).

Publications in this series are facsimile reprints unless otherwise noted.

1. Archaeological Investigations at Sutter's Fort State Historical Monument, by W.H. Olsen (1961).
2. Archaeological Investigations at Whale Rock Reservoir, Cayucos, California [CA-SLO-156--CA-SLO-160], by F.M. Reinman (1961).
3. Excavations at Sutter's Fort, 1960, by L.A. Payen (1961).
4. Archaeological Excavations at Chilcoot Rockshelter [CA-PLU-44], Plumas County, California, by L.A. Payen, & D.S. Boyolan (1961).
5. Archaeological Explorations in the Southern Section of Anza-Borego Desert State Park by W.J. Wallace (1962).

6. Salvage of the Rio Oso Site [CA-YUB-14], Yuba County, California, by W.H. Olsen & F.A. Riddell (1962).
7. The Archaeology of the Western Pacific Railroad Relocation; Oroville Project, Butte County, California by W.H. Olsen & F.A. Riddell (1963).
8. "Tco'se": An Archaeological Study of the Bedrock Mortar--Petroglyph at AMA-14, near Volcano, California, by L.A. Payen & D.S. Boyolan (1963).
9. Arroyo Sequit: Archaeological Investigations in Leo Carrillo Beach State Park, Los Angeles County, California, by Freddie Curtis (1963).
10. Archaeology of the Oroville Dam Spillway [CA-BUT-99, CA-BUT-100, CA-BUT-101], by D.P. Jewell (1964). A House Floor in Napa County, California [CA-NAP-234], by E. Robinson (1964).

11. Archeology of the Little Panoche Reservoir, Fresno County, California, by W.H. Olsen & L.A. Payen (1968).

12. Archeology of the Grayson Site [CA-MER-S94], Merced County, California, by W.H. Olsen & L.A. Payen (1969).

13. Archeology of the Menjoulet Site [CA-MER-3], Merced County, California, by W.E. Pritchard (1970). (Original edition, while supplies last).

14. Perris Reservoir Archaeology: Late Prehistoric Demographic Change in Southeastern California, by J.F. O'Connell, P.J. Wilke, T.F. King & C.L. Mix, eds. (1974).
17. The Archeology of Ven-100, by G.J. West (1979). (Original edition, while supplies last).

18. Archeology of the Jonson Site (CA-Sac-65), Sacramento County, California, by P.D. Schulz, D.M. Ables & E.W. Ritter (1979).

19. Papers on Old Sacramento Archaeology, P.D. Schulz & B.J. Rivers, eds (1980). Schulz, Hastings & Felton: A Survey of Historical Archaeology in Sacramento. Farris: Coins and Tokens of Old Sacramento. Armstrong & Schulz: Pontil Scars and Snap Cases as Dating Tools for Nineteenth-Century Glass: New Light from Old Sacramento. Motz & Schulz: European "Trade" Beads from Old Sacramento.

20. The Bottles of Old Sacramento: A Study of Nineteenth-Century Glass and Ceramic Retail Containers, Pt. 1,  by P.D. Schulz, B.J. Rivers, M.M. Hales, C.A. Litzinger & E.A. McKee (1980).

21. Papers on Merced County Prehistory  (1983). Olsen & Payen: Excavations at CA-MER-130: A Late Prehistoric Site in Pacheco Pass. Pritchard: Archaeological Testing of Three Kahwatchwah Yokuts Dwelling Structures at the San Luis Forebay Site (CA-MER-119), Merced County, California. Follett: Fish Scales from the Los Banos Site (CA-MER-14), Merced County, California. (Original edition, while supplies last).

22. Ceramic Marks from Old Sacramento, by M. Praetzellis, B. Rivers & J.K. Schulz (1983).

23. The Diaz Collection: Material Culture and Social Change in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Monterey, by D.L. Felton & P.D. Schulz (1983).

24. The Chinese Laundry on Second Street: Papers on Archaeology at the Woodland Opera House Site  (1984). Felton, Lortie & Schulz: The Chinese Laundry on Second Street: Papers on Archaeology at the Woodland Opera House Site.  Prazniak: The Chinese in Woodland. Pope: Textiles Recovered from the Woodland Opera House Site. Farris: Chinese and Annamese Coins found at the Woodland Opera House Site. Honeysett & Schulz: Nineteenth-Century Seeds from Woodland, California. Schulz: Nineteenth-Century Fish Remains from Woodland, California. Simons: Avifaunal Remains at the Woodland Opera House Site. Gust: Mammalian Faunal Remains at the Woodland Opera House Site. (Original edition, while supplies last).

25. The Archeology of Mitchell Caverns, by Diana G. Pinto (1989). Appendix: Suzanne Griset: Pottery Collections from Mitchell Caverns and Surrounding Areas. (Original edition, while supplies last).