Summer hills at Pacheco SP

General Plan and Environmental Impact Report

On May 12, 2006 at its hearing in San Juan Bautista, the State Park and Recreation Commission approved the General Plan and Final Environmental Impact Report for Pacheco State Park.

The General Plan defines a long-term vision for the park, identifies visitor facilities and improvements, and provides guidelines for protecting its unique natural and cultural resources.

The final General Plan and Environmental Impact Report documents are available for download below:

Volume 1: This document represents the Final General Plan and Environmental Impact Report approved by the State Park and Recreation Commission on May 12, 2006, which presents the park's existing conditions, planning influences and issues, plan proposals, the environmental analysis, and appendices.

Volume 2: Responses to Comments, contains the comments received during the public review of the Preliminary General Plan and Draft EIR, California State Parks responses to these comments, recommended changes to the General Plan, and CEQA compliance documentation related to this plan.