Angel Island Conservancy

Founded in 1975, Angel Island Conservancy works in partnership with the California State Parks to facilitate the preservation, restoration and interpretation of historical and natural resources on Angel Island, to build a community in support of Angel Island State Park, and to enhance visitor experiences on the Island.  These experiences promote appreciation and conservation of our natural environment, educate visitors about the historical value of Angel Island State Park, and provide a spectacular environment for recreational activities. 

Among past projects of AIC is the restoration and preservation of a Civil War era officers’ quarters and bake house located at West Garrison’s Camp Reynolds, which provides a “living” focus for interpretation of life in those times.  A current AICproject is restoration of the “Angel Lights” that were destroyed in the 2008 fire.  The lighting of “Angel Lights” at the top of the Island has been a holiday tradition for decades, creating awareness of the Island throughout the Greater Bay Area.  AIC is working with the Park and volunteers in an effort to use 21st century technology and environmentally friendly solar energy as the power source for the new lights.  Looking to the future, AIC is developing plans for a new Visitor’s Center in conjunction with the overall restoration and revitalization of Ayala Cove, the main entrance to the Park.

Angel Island Conservancy is proud of its history of supporting Angel Island State Park.  You are invited to visit AIC’s website ( to learn more about the Conservancy and the Island.  We encourage you to become an AIC member and join the growing community of supporters of Angel Island State Park.


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