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State Urban Parks and Healthy Communities

  State Urban Parks and Healthy Communities Funded Projects

New Application Filing Deadline:  November 5, 2004

State Urban Parks and Healthy Communities Procedural Guide:
Copies of the procedural guide can be obtained by calling
(916) 653-7423 or by clicking on the following links.  PDF DOC | WORD DOC

Eligible applicants: Urbanized or heavily urbanized local agencies or community based organizations within these jurisdictions. ‘‘Urbanized or heavily urbanized local agencies’’ include cities, counties, or a city and county, or special districts as determined by the Department of Finance according to the latest verifiable census data pursuant to subdivisions (c) and (d) of Section 5621 of the Public Resources Code (PRC).

Community-based organization means:  An organization that enters into a cooperative agreement with the department pursuant to Section 513 of the Public Resources Code, a nonprofit group or organization, or a friends of parks group or organization of a city, county, city and county, and regional park.  All community-based organizations shall have a current tax-exempt status as a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the federal Internal Revenue Code.

Eligible projects: Acquisition and / or development of properties for active recreational purposes. ‘‘Active recreational purpose’’ means an activity that requires athletic fields, courts, gymnasiums, or other recreational venues for youth soccer, baseball, football, basketball, tennis, or swimming, or any activity the department identifies as meeting this definition.  "Acquistions only" projects must already contain developed facilities / venues that can be used for active recreational purposes.

Funds Available: $23,337,000 Funding to be roughly divided 60 % to the southern portion of the state (south of the Tehachapi Mountains) and 40% to the northern portion.

Minimum and Maximum Grant Amount:
The Minimum grant amount is:  $75,000
The Maximum grant amount is:  1,000,000

Match Requirement:  Applicant must provide a match.  Proposed match equal to 1/3 of grant amount or 1/4 of the total project.