Admission fees are not charged for California licensed grade schools or high schools, K thru 12, accompanying teachers and adult leaders when reservations have been made and CONFIRMED. Reservations MUST be made two weeks in advance of the proposed date for your visit. A limit of ten automobiles per group is permitted.

Careful advance planning, involving both teacher and park personnel, is vital for the achievement of a maximum educational experience. If you want a talk or guided walk, you must make specific advance arrangements with the park. School groups MUST be accompanied by a MINIMUM of one adult for every 10 students for the entire visit to the reserve.

A reservation form can be requested by the park office. The form must be signed by the principal of the school the students attend. If more than one school is sending students on a proposed visit, the principal from each school must submit a request. The Department reserves the right to combine tours when necessary. There is a  limit of three groups per day allowed in the reserve.  Camping is not included under this program. The group picnic area is available under a separate reservation. 

For information on additional programs offered to school groups, contact the Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods, our cooperating volunteer association.