The Tomales Bay State Park General Plan

The California State Park and Recreation Commission approved the Tomales Bay State Park General Plan at its May 14, 2004 meeting in Santa Rosa. The General Plan establishes the long-range vision for the park and recommends how to protect and improve the park’s natural, cultural, and recreational values on both sides of the bay.

Volume 1 is the final General Plan and Environmental Impact Report. The maps are provided as separate files. Volume 2 contains CEQA documents, comments on the EIR, and responses to comments. Because of its large size, Volume 2 has been divided into three PDF files.

Tomales Bay State Park General Plan, vol. 1  (PDF, 2.65 MB)

Volume 2:
  Part 1: Through CEQA documents  (PDF, 6.0 MB)
  Part 2: Comments 1-16, and Responses (PDF, 14.2 MB)
  Part 3: Comments 17-end, and Responses (PDF, 7.9 MB)

TBSP Proposals Summary.jpg
Map1-Regional Map.jpg
Map2-Park Planning Areas.jpg
Map3A-Park Facilities-North.jpg
Map3B-Park Facilities-South.jpg
Map4A-Geologic Hazards North.jpg
Map4B-Geologic Hazards-South.jpg
Map5A-PLant Communities-North.jpg
Map5B-Plant Communites-South.jpg
Map6A-Wildlife Habitats-North.jpg
Map6B-Wildlife Habitats-South.jpg
Map7A-Natural Sensitivities-North.jpg
Map7B-Natural Sensitivities-South.jpg